Issue Article Author
Nov 1995 The Joys of Winter Flying Uli Rentsch
Jan 1996 What Did we Use Before Glow Plugs? Roy Bourke
Apr 1997 Take-Off techniques Uli Rentsch
Sep 1996 An Inexpensive Backup Battery for your Airborne R/C System Roy Bourke
Apr 1997 “SAM Language”, A Guide to the Classes of Old Timer Aircraft Roy Bourke
Nov 1997 Winterizing Your Airplane Roy Bourke
Nov 1997 Propeller Graphs (Speed vs. Pitch and RPM, etc.) Ian Paisley
Feb 1998 Propeller Pitch (with nomogram) Roy Bourke, Bill Henderson
Feb 1998 Lightweight Building and Balsa Density (with Balsa Density Chart) Roy Bourke
May 1998 Don’t Re-invent the Wheel, Part 1 (Helpful Hints) Murray Berman
May 1998 Glow Fuels for Sport Flying Roy Bourke
Oct 1998 Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel, Part 2 Murray Berman
Oct 1998 Checking Transistors with an Ohmmeter Roy Bourke
Dec 1998 Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel, Part 3 Murray Berman
Dec 1998 A Spring Scale for Weighing Balsa Roy Bourke
Feb 1999 Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel, Part 4 Murray Berman
Feb 1999 Nicad Batteries (Q and A), Part 1 Roy Bourke
Apr 1999 Helpful Hints; Triangle Gussets; Hinge Point Locating Martyn Warren
Oct 1999 The Wooden Spring-Loaded Clothes Pin Roy Bourke
Oct 1999 Airplane Cleaners ( a Survey) Roy Bourke
Dec 1999 Further Ideas for Clothes Pins Roy Bourke
Dec 1999 Cleaning Engines Frank Panacci
Dec 1999 Can You Speak Air Force? (Quiz)
Feb 2000 Answers to “Can You Speak Air Force? (Quiz)
Feb 2000 A Solar Panel Charger for Field Use Roy Bourke
Apr 2000 Trimming Chart for Pattern and Aerobatic Aircraft from The K-Factor
Apr 2000 Stick Positions for Mode-2 Aerobatics from The K-Factor
Oct 2000 Is Your Building Board Flat? Roy Bourke
Sep 2001 Murray’s Miraculous Method (of cleaning engines) Murray Berman
Jan 2002 Tinting Canopies with Pre-Packaged Dyes Bruce Dealhoy
Jan 2003 Hints and Kinks; Trim Solvent; Computer Radios; Cleaning Compound
Mar 2003 RC Channel Numbers in 72 MHz (How to calculate them) Roy Bourke
Dec 2003 Tips; Routing of Breather Tube on 4-Stroke Engines
Mar 2004 Cyanoacrylate (a History) Roy Bourke
Mar 2004 Cold Weather Flying (an Anecdote) Roy Bourke
May 2004 The Parameters of Balsa Wood Roy Bourke
Oct 2004 A Simple Glow Plug Driver (from Australia) Roy Bourke
Oct 2004 Hints and Trivia; Things I Find Useful Murray Berman
Dec 2004 Handy Hint; (Mounting a nut on a hard-to-reach screw) Murray Berman
Feb 2005 Wing Skinning, the R/C City Way Bruce Dealhoy
Sep 2006 New Hints Murray Berman
Dec 2006 Instrument Panels Murray Berman

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