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Last updated April 2021

905 Squadron, also known as Aurora Model Aircraft Club, is dedicated to the sport of model aviation and it is an incorporated, not for profit organization in the Province of Ontario. Founded in 1971 by a small group of aero model enthusiasts, the club is sanctioned by the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada. The membership endorses safety, radio control flight instruction and community involvement. In 2014, the club's name was changed to "905 Squadron Model Flying Club" to reflect its diverse member base that come from all over the 905 area code.

905 Squadron prides itself in being one of the few clubs that welcomes and encourages all forms of RC flying. For Float enthusiasts, we have a sanctioned float field for monthly float fly events just minutes from our club field. During winter, our club members enjoy indoor flying on Thursdays and Fridays. As Drone and FPV popularity grows, our club welcomes drone fliers and provides training for the safe operation of Drones and FPV models. Our FPV instructors were pioneers in this field when FPV was first emerging. 905 Squadron has an FPV wings program to help you get set up and flying safely.

FIND US ON FACEBOOK! search Aurora Model Aircraft Club or click here:Facebook. Join our group for instant updates and notifications of club events .
Photos of our field from the 2019 season:

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Latest Club News: April 2021

Our New Outdoor Flying Site!

Click here for layout and directions to the new Outdoor Flying Site.

Before flying for the first time at the new site, ALL MEMBERS should visit the Outdoor Site Orientation page to learn about the rules and characteristics of the new flying field.

Indoor Flying

Contracts have been secured with the school boards for the indoor 2021/2022 flying season (COVID Permitting)
For more information and directions, please click here: Indoor 2021/2022

Monthly Float Flies

Our Montly Float flies commence in May and run until October. Check the calendar on the this page for dates

Events: Swap Meet, Field Maintenance and more:

SWAP MEET: For 2021 our swap meet will take place outdoors at our new field in mid-spring on a Saturday with a Sunday rain-date. The exact date will be announced. It will be free for everyone, including vendors. Vendors will bring their own tables or sell directly from their car trunks. Come for the bargains, or bring your own table and sell your unneeded items to get the stuff you really want!
More info here: Swap Meet Link

FIELD MAINTENANCE DAY: Our Field Maintenance Day will take place the last weekend before May. All members are asked come out and help get our field ready for another summer flying season

FLYING SEASON BEGINS IN MAY: Our outdoor flying season usually starts the first weekend in May. Hopefully sooner if the weather co-operates and the field dries out before then.


Q: Which is better? Electric or Glow powered models?
A:Electric models have advanced tremendously over the years. While both methods of powering a model are equally capable, at the present it is more convenient for a beginner to begin with an electric model. We strongly recommend "The Apprentice" ready-to-fly model with "SAFE" as a first model.

Q: How much does it cost to get an airplane?
A: A "Ready to Fly" basic package starts at about $300 and up. The Motor and Radio can be reused indefinitely and can be transferred to another airplane, so once you have the motor and radio, a new plane can be purchased for about $100.

Q: Now that I have a plane, what is it going to cost me to join your club?
A: Membership fees are as follows for 2020: First time regular membership is $100 per year. Seniors(65+) are $70 and Junior members are $10. On subsequent years, renewing regular and senior members are entitled to a $25 discount. All members must also purchase insurance through our governing body, the Model Aviation Authority of Canada(MAAC) http://www.maac.ca/ . Annual MAAC insurance is $80 for adults and $10 for juniors.

Q: I am a beginner and I need flying lessons. How much will that cost me?
A: Other than your membership and insurance fees (above) there are no additional costs. Flying lessons are FREE for as long as you need them.

Q: How old do you have to be to start flying?
A: There is no age limit to participate in this enjoyable hobby. Pilots can be any age. Presently, our oldest member is 85 years old and our youngest winged member was 8 years old when he got his wings.

Q: I've heard that Transport Canada has passed new RPAS flying regulations. How will that affect me?
A: MAAC Clubs (including the 905 Squadron) are exempt from these new regulations, and continue to be governed by MAAC regulations.

Q: Can I get my wings using an Electric Plane?
A: Absolutely! Provided the pilot meets the requirement of the wings test.
To further clarify this issue, there are 2 categories of electric flight, "Wings Required" and "Wings NOT Required";

    "Wings NOT required"is a category for small electric foamies and microlight models that can be flown in a gymnasium or in the helicopter area of the field without any risk to the pilot or other members.

    On the other hand, "Wings Required" is any electric aircraft that can be flown at our field from the main runway and fly a proper circuit. This qualifies it as a "Wings capable" aircraft. In this case the pilot must follow our wings training program and ultimately pass a flight test to obtain their wings.