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2008 Fun Fly Results

The 2008 Fun Fly was a blast with members of all ages participating


Saturday August 23 dawned clear and cloudless.


We had a great turnout of members to this year’s fun-fly.  Vice President Pete Maxwell had the barbeque out early and starting cooking up the hot dogs to the many hungry fliers. "Chef Maxwell" kept Turning and Burning those hot dogs all through the noon hour!










The prize table and PA system were set up along the pit fence. First Prize for the Bomb drop was a 3D Foamy that Noah Egan could not wait to compete for.


Noah was so excited about the prize that he had to be swatted away from the prize table afew times!!      

After everyone had a hot dog or two, the fun fly events were set to begin.


The first event was the Bomb Drop. The bombers were kitted with a Styrofoam cups to hold the bombs. This year, the rules were changed slightly to make the event more entertaining- the egg “bombs” could only be ejected by using negative “G” to eject the egg up and out of the Styrofoam cup. After a quick demonstration of the technique, the pilots lined up their airplanes for the first round.


Bombers lined up for thier turn:

The first bomber was Noah Egan. Noah was able to get his bomb within 10 feet of the outer bull’s-eye to stake a first place claim. This was quite a feat since the next 5 pilots couldn’t even get their bombs to land on the cut portion of the runway. With most pilots not even able to get their bombs near the runway, Noah was getting really excited about winning that 3D foamy.  Finally, his hopes were dashed when Junior Member Mack Urbonas managed to get a bomb within 5 feet of the outer bull’s-eye for first place and bump Noah to second. Again, the kids were upstaging the adults when Junior Member David Blom made a spectacular bomb drop,







David Blom waits for his turn to bomb the runway!














hitting the runway and placing him in Third. Then Junior Member David Perez was flying his Dad’s 3 channel Kadet Sr. On bomb run, the crowd watched in amazement as David’s bomb ejected from the cup but bounced along the left wing and top fuselage of the plane for a few seconds before falling. Much to everyone’s surprise, David’s bomb hit the outer ring. This catapulted him into first place, moving Mack Urbonas down to second and Noah Egan down to Third. The 20 foot altitude rule was closely monitored by the “judges”, 10 year old’s Ari Perez, David Perez, David Blom and 11 year old Noah Egan. When Rick Bruce came in a bit low on his bomb run, there was a massive protest by the judges to disqualify Rick, to which Rick had no choice but to sheepishly shrug his shoulders in resignation.


On the second round, the pilots made some improvements, but many were still missing the mark and landing in the tall grass. The best bomb drop of the second round came when Parkson Liu dropped a bomb that landed within 18 inches of dead center. After that, no one was able to get any closer than 10 feet from the outer bullseye, which was still being held by Mack Urbonas for 3’rd place.

  • In the end, the Bomb Drop  event ended with the following standings: 

    1’st  : Parkson Liu.

    2’nd : David Perez (Junior Member)

    3 'rd : Mack Urbonas(Junior Member)


    In a wonderful display of good sportsmanship, Parkson Liu took his first prize and promptly handed it to Noah Egan, who was overcome with joy. (thanks Park!)

  • Second Prize Winner David Perez being congratulated by twin brother Ari Perez 

  • Third Prize Winner Mack Urbonas takes home an on-board battery meter

 After a break for some fun flying, the spot landing prize envelopes were scattered around the runway by Junior Members Ari Perez, David Perez, David Blom and Noah Egan.

Pilots were broken up into 2 groups for the spot landing event. Members that could fly took to the air while those that could not taxi’d their planes around until the whistle was blown. When all planes landed, the pilots staked a claim for the nearest prize envelopes.

When both rounds were completed, the winners for Spot Landing were:


First: Colin Campbell




Second: Parkson Liu


Third: Walter Ernstberger.

Again, the adult members showed true sportsman ship by awarding their prizes to the junior members.

David Blom received a Jug of fuel from Parkson Liu

and Ari Perez received an on-board battery meter from Walter Ernstberger.


When all the flying was done, it was time for the door prizes.There were 2 prizes waiting to be won, one being a 36” P40 ARF, and another was a 72” Spirit Glider kit. The P40 was donated by Pinnacle Hobby and the Glider was donated by Club Member Bud Baldwin.


The first ticket was to be drawn by Junior member David Blom. After reaching into the ballot box and pulling up a ticket, the number was read out. Then we waited. And waited. “if the person is not here to claim their prize we will draw another one…” Suddenly a cry rang out… From David’s mother, Tracy Blom!!


Junior member David Blom claims the first Door Prize!.


Junior member Ari Perez drew the second ticket that was claimed by Walter Ernstberger.

  • After the events were over, the flying continued until late in the day. A good time was had by all, and next years fun fly is expected to be even more exciting!!

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