Welcome to the 905 Squadron Model Flying Club. This page is to help you familiarize yourself with the layout of our field and how to use it. This is a summary of SOME of our club’s rules and Etiquette. Members and guests must also familiarize themselves with ALL our rules and Etiquette HERE:


WHERE TO PARK: Park up to the yellow ropes denoting the pit area.

DO NOT BLOCK: the openings to the Pit area, modellers need to bring their planes to and from the pit.

Pit Area

WHERE: You can pit your aircraft anywhere in the pit area. We have Flight Benches for you to use when at our field. If all benches are full, benches should be shared with other members. In that case, aircraft should be kept on the grass, and then whomever wants to fly can use the bench to prep their aircraft before flight / shut down their aircraft after the flight.

ELECTRIC/NITRO BENCHES: Only the 2 outside benches are for nitro/gas use. All the other benches are “Electric Only”

MEMBERSHIP and MAAC: Your membership and MAAC card must be on display on your flight box or elsewhere that is obvious to anybody walking past your pit area without them having to ask you for it.

TRASH DISPOSAL: There are no trash cans at our field. TAKE YOUR TRASH HOME WITH YOU. This includes drink cans, plastic bottles, coffee cups, candy bar wrappers, broken propellers, broken rubber bands, etc.

Aircraft Flying

IDENTIFICATION: All aircraft must have the members MAAC ID on the model per Transport Canada RPAS regulation. ID can be made with label maker, computer printout glued to the plane, or masking tape and a pen. ID can be placed on the outside of the model, or inside the model when easily accessed by hatch or removing wings. ID shall have as a MINIMUM: “MAAC#XXXXX” (Your MAAC number) then “www.maac.ca or call 1-855-359-6222” You can also add your name and phone number if you like.

NO FLYING: behind the flight line…EVER. The flight line is denoted by the edge of the runway closest to the pilots and extends straight to the left and right. On the right is a “Flight Line Tree” that marks the edge of the flight line to the south. Do not fly behind that tree



NO FLY ZONE: Where the flight line extends to the south, do not loiter in this area past the “Flight Line Tree”. You may fly into that area for take-off and landing. Otherwise, do all your flying directly in front of the flight line or anywhere to the north. Flying to the south of the line in the diagram will bother our neighbors.

PILOT STANDS: All flying must be done from behind the pilot stands. Pilot stands cannot be more than 3M forward of the pit fence. Pilots may enter the runway for take-off and landing if required, but must call out “on the field” and must receive acknowledgement from other pilots before doing so. (Remember to call “all clear” when coming off the field)

LANDING APPROACH PATH: Fly in from the south between the “Flight Line Tree” and the big dead tree.

LANDING APPROACH PATH: Fly in from the north between the clump of trees by the flight line and the single tree on the right.

NITRO AIRCRAFT: No Nitro aircraft permitted before 10am.

AIRCRAFT TYPES: All aircraft can fly from the main runway including Drones and Helis if the field is not busy. If the field is busy, Drone/Heli operations must be from the heli area to the south

Heli / Drone Area

We have a drone/heli area to the south that may be used during aircraft operations on the main field. DO NOT cross the flight line into the aircraft side. Fly straight ahead of the heli-pilot stand as much as possible. That is the safest place to fly. Remember that per MAAC rules, the flight line begins 7M forward of the pilot stand. DO NOT FLY any closer than that.

DO NOT FLY in the black area shown on the diagram. You are too close to yourself (MAAC Flight line Rule), as well as too close to pilots on the airplane flight line! DO NOT fly any closer to the parked cars as shown on the map

Exception: Generally, Drones wishing to perform operations/ Aerial photography (AP) over the main runway and beyond must fly from the aircraf pilot stands. However, on rare ocassions such as events/shows, AP drones may enter main flying field from the heli area. In this case, Drones partaking in aerial photography over the main field may do so ONLY AFTER NOTIFYING active pilots and WITH THE CONSENT of the active pilots. If pilots object to drones operating in the same airspace as their aircraft, you must not fly over the main field. If permission is granted by fixed wing pilots, fly within the heli field after take-off, then FLY TOWARDS the “Flight line tree”. ONLY THEN can you cross to the airplane flight area. Return to the heli area in the same manner.

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