Fixed Wing
Founded in 1971

As long as it’s RC,
You’re Welcome!

  • Outdoor and indoor. There’s flying all year round.
  • Dedicated to the sport of model aviation.
  • Sanctioned by Model Aeronautics Association of Canada.
  • All forms of RC flying welcomed, including drones and FPV.

905 Squadron, also known as Aurora Model Aircraft Club, is dedicated to the sport of model aviation and it is an incorporated, not for profit organization in the Province of Ontario.

Founded in 1971 by a small group of aero model enthusiasts, the club is sanctioned by the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada. The membership endorses safety, radio control flight instruction and community involvement.

In 2014, the club’s name was changed to “905 Squadron Model Flying Club” to reflect its diverse member base that come from all over the 905 area code.

905 Squadron prides itself in being one of the few clubs that welcomes and encourages all forms of RC flying. For Float enthusiasts, we have a sanctioned float field for monthly float fly events just minutes from our club field. During winter, our club members enjoy indoor flying on Thursdays and Fridays. As Drone and FPV popularity grows, our club welcomes drone fliers and provides training for the safe operation of Drones and FPV models.

Our FPV instructors were pioneers in this field when FPV was first emerging. 905 Squadron has an FPV wings program to help you get set up and flying safely.

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